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Coaching with Madison Helm

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Divorce isn’t easy, and mine certainly wasn’t. I’m so grateful to have had such insightful support empowering me to keep my head out of “crazytown,” be a better parent, and live more impactfully going forward.”


As a coach myself, I’ve found Johnny to be a great resource for open, honest, and multi-dimensional perspectives. He is so good at shining his light on my gifts from other dimensions.”


Divorce and Crisis

Family impacting crisis and transition can mean a variety of things.  Whether it’s getting your relationship back on track, addressing parenting matters, or navigating separation and divorce, we support you reaching your best outcome.

Identity Recalibration

Human nature is to create ideas, then attach to those ideas and often deeply affecting our identity. When reality and our ideas don’t align, as in relationships for example, our attachment is shaken leaving us questioning our identity.  We serve as your guide on your rediscovery journey to being  your authentic self and living free in all circumstances.


Hinderances come up across all areas of life, leaving us feeling stuck or that there’s something greater than what we’re experiencing.  Uncover and tap into the resources you already have to be who you’re here to be.

Self Mastery

If you don’t want to rock the boat, this isn’t for you.  For the ultimate personal growth, one must own all circumstances and be willing to face all aspects of themselves across all domains of life – physical, psychological, spiritual and material.  This is a journey, not a destination, to expand and maximize your impact.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

First things first:  Let’s just talk. Let us listen, and we can explore your possibilities without pressure to move forward.


Choose a Coaching Plan

There are a few ways we can work with together based on your circumstances, and we’ll find a way forward that works best for you.

Reach Your Goals

Be your authentic self, experiencing peace, grace, hope, letting go of that which no longer serves you and expand into the fullness of your design.

Free Consultation

This is where you share your story and discover what’s ahead should we continue our journey together. Whether you move forward or not, you will leave this conversation better than you entered it.  Required to begin coaching.

Single Session

This covers a single session for up to 90-minutes, whether virtual or in person.  All sessions include meaningful takeaways and action items for the client.


Divorce and Crisis Strategy Plan

Designed for Hill Crabb Law Firm clients, this is a fully integrated holistic strategy to put you at your best going through your legal matter, accelerate it to quickest closure and set you up for life afterwards. The Strategy plan covers collaboration between your coach and attorney, a weekly coaching session and a direct line to your coach for on-demand discussion. Instead of paying $125/hour, you only pay the flat rate of $400/month.